Welcome to the HoldTightly Shop

Designed for ease of use, the innovation and technology of HoldTightly lies within the fabric. No hooks, zips, Velcro, or buttons can penetrate the fabric so the hosiery inside each pocket is safe and protected, whilst the weave allows for water to flow and ensure your hosiery is clean.

HoldTightly copes with normal washing machine standards and drying machine temperatures. Moreover, you can safely and neatly store 5 pairs of hosiery in the HoldTightly in your underwear drawer and remove when you intend to wear them. Voila!

We are proud that HoldTightly is a product manufactured in the UK. It is intended and created for women just like you.

Breathe a sigh of relief, HoldTightly means no pulls, snags, or tangles – no hanging tights in your bathroom, no jumbled mess in your lingerie drawer and our HoldTightly pocket system keeps them lovely and soft as well.

Give the professional, sexy, organised, fun and perfectionist side of you a little treat.