How to keep your undies private and your secrets safe

    It’s a year ago since Prince Harry happened to mention he wore lady’s tights when riding his motorbike. “Only at weekends” he stated to Chris Evans whilst being interviewed and discussing the launch of the Invictus games in 2016. It made headline news as you would expect.  For many people, it was a huge surprise and they wondered why – for others it was a secret which has been kept for many years, held close through the generations.  Men wearing tights is something which is rarely discussed.

    Sportsmen, jockeys, cyclists, motor bikers and golfers have kept this little trick hidden. Lightweight, streamline and providing an extra layer – it makes all the difference in the world if you are out and about in the cold and need to consider the chill factor.  In short, tights will keep you warm without adding any extra weight.  They are easy to wear and readily accessible.  Guys usually obtain a pair from one of the women in their lives.  My brother was a National Hunt Jockey and I remember finding tights in his kit bag, Mum being his chief supplier at the time. On a damp foggy November afternoon riding in the third race of the day it gets cold out there!  I will always remember that day – the day I realised I didn’t know everything about my brother!

    Men wearing tights and having to explain why they do is just plain awkward. Equally it can be just as awkward for women as well – sharing a flat, the unexpected visitor and your lingerie is still hanging in the bathroom to dry. My daughter lived in a mixed shared house when she first moved to London – “Where do I dry my knickers and tights without everyone knowing what I wear – somethings are best kept secret?” The answer is in the bag, your HoldTightly.  Private, discreet and easy to use. No one needs to know. You no longer need to share! Boys or girls you can choose to keep your secrets safe.

    We would love to know what niggles you most about taking care for your hosiery and lingerie. Is it the time it takes? The on going expense of looking good?  If you have a moment we would like hear from you – drop us line at

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