I’m the editor and founder of a luxury online travel magazine, which I set up a few years ago and have built from the ground up!

There is no city I love more than London, it’s full of so many amazing people, and great things to do. On a week night you’ll find me staying out late at industry events, and at the weekends I’m probably jetting off for hotel reviews.

  • I love: Travelling first class (and the little goody pack they give you!), food shopping in Borough Market, ASOS and Myla Lingerie.
  • Upside of life: Earning money doing what I really love.
  • Downside of life: Not enough weekends or Bank Holidays in the year.
  • I wish – Australia wasn’t so far away
  • Things that niggle: Missing ASOS deliveries and having to queue at the post office (worst thing ever). Oh and jet lag, of course!