Hello Friends

I’m a Londoner through and through currently interning at an international law firm ….. it’s not as glamorous as it sounds! I house-share with 4 other girls; Vogue and Glamor magazines mixed with GHD straighteners and various assortments of heels and boots.

  • I love: Netflix, cheese and ham toasties and very lazy Sunday afternoons.
  • Upside: I have a job which matches my degree!
  • Downside: Long, long hours and the early morning commute.. Did I mention I don’t get paid yet?!
  • I wish: I wasn’t so clumsy and accident prone
  • Things that niggle: Bad service, hangovers and blisters after a night out – ouch!
  • I would rather: Sip Hendricks in the Seychelles than ski in Gstaad
  • Guilty pleasure: Burgers, all the way (with the gherkin and a seeded bun).