Hey there!

I’m working as a graduate doctor and living in Hammersmith. I’m on my feet all day and sometimes all night so when I get home I like to put my feet up and let my boyfriend cook me something delicious! I can be found mainly shadowing registrars to gain experience and getting to grips with cannulas.

  • I love: Sleep as and when I can get it.
  • Upside of life:  I have wanted to be a Doctor for as long as I can remember so working in a hospital is awesome.
  • Downside of life: Good question – self-diagnosis especially when I’m studying, all those symptoms and diseases means I convince myself that I might be taking my last breath!
  • I wish: I had more time
  • Things that niggle:  A new rotation…Where is everything?! Plus laddering my tights especially when there’s not a single back up pair in sight.
  • I would rather:  See a Six Nations match at Twickenham than go shopping in Dubai.
  • Guilty Pleasure: A manicure when I have some time off – no varnish allowed for ward rounds! This is my favourite hour of all time.