Who are we? …

We are real people with real jobs which are not always nine to five.  Our friends, boyfriends (or not as the case maybe). Money and career are at the top of our worry and often struggle list.

Why are we here?

Being the first group to try out and test-run the HoldTightly prototype, we put it through its paces before HoldTightly become a real product.   We use HoldTightly every time we carry out a tights or (precious) lingerie wash.  

Why should you care?

We have tried and tested it over and over and we’ve found that…

You get to keep your secrets… No one knows what’s in the bag!

No more trying to separate each pair before you can hang them out to dry.

It’s safe to use in the dryer and fits nicely in your lingerie drawer.

It lasts for ages.

You won’t get tied up in knots, your hosiery stays looking great for longer

Keeps your tights, stockings and socks looking great and soft to touch.

Awesome for handwashing as well. No zips, Velcro or toggles to snag, tear or tangle.

You can always find a clean pair of tights or matching socks … even after works drinks on a dark cold Friday morning in December with a hangover!

Psst …. Would you like to join the team?

Great … Just email London@holdtightly.com letting us know your age, what you do and why you would like to be involved.

Check our our lovely team below: