Professional, working women and hosiery go hand in hand. Hosiery is an essential and simple accessory that can add sexy femininity and fun to any capsule wardrobe; It’s impossible for any busy professional woman to be without them.

So answer this …..

Are you faced each week with a laundry basket filled with a mass of stockings and tights mixed together with your knickers and bras?

Do you push them in a mixed-up pile into the washing machine all at once and hope for the best, only to stand in the kitchen an hour later trying to unravel and untie your way through your wash in the vain hope you won’t snag, tear or ladder your favorite pair?, then you’re in the right place!

Or …..

Are you the woman who carefully hand washes your hosiery in warm water, only to find your new nails have stabbed a hole in the middle of your favorite, most expensive stockings?

This is the niggle and the nightmare all professional women have come to terms with on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. Seeing a jumbled pile of hosiery on your bedroom floor, chest of drawers, or laundry basket is always dis-heartening. Seeing hosiery hanging to dry on your radiators or on the clothes horse is not attractive or seductive; who knows who may be dropping by?

How lovely would it be to have The Solution?

Here’s a simple yet efficient solution, designed for you.

HoldTightly can safely hold and protect your hosiery items through all stages of laundry.

From the bedroom floor to the lingerie drawer.